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  • EOLITE Systems  [France]
  • Founded by Philippe Metivier and François Salin, EOLITE Systems has build up a solid know-how in Q-switched fiber lasers and has established strong links with Bordeaux University and several high ranked European Universities.
  • LightComm Technology  [China]
  • LightComm provides cost effective solutions based on Fused Fiber Couplers, PLC, CWDM/DWDM Filters, EDFA, Pump Combiners, Isolators, PM Fiber Components, Connectors and Integrated Modules technologies.
  • 古河電気工業株式会社  [Japan]
  • ■事業内容(情報通信のみ)
    光ファイバケーブル、メタル通信ケーブル、半導体光デバイス、電子線材、光関連部品、ネットワーク機器、光ファイバケーブル付属品・工事、CATVシステム、無線製品 等
  • 株式会社アルネアラボラトリ  [Japan]
  • レーザ共振器の設計や光モジュール、カスタム光モジュールの組み立て等を請け負っています。研究開発の分野では、短パルスレーザや可変FBG技 術、短パルス測定システムに力を注いでいます。
  • 株式会社トリマティス  [Japan]
  •  株式会社トリマティスは、高速光デバイス技術と、アナログ・ディジタル双方からの高速制御回路技術を融合し、光高速制御・統合を実現しています。
  • 株式会社フジクラ  [Japan]
  • 1885年の創業以来、電線・ケーブルの研究・開発・製造で培ってきた先進テクノロジーを通じて「情報通信」、「エネルギー」、「エレクトロニクス」、「自動車」の4つの事業分野で高い信頼の商品をお客様にお届けし、わが国ならびに世界中の国や地域の発展に取り組んでいます。
  • 株式会社QDレーザ  [Japan]
  • 量子ドットレーザ技術の先駆者としてスタートしたQDレーザは、通信・民生・産業用の広い分野で高効率半導体レーザソリューションをお客様にお届けします。
  • 株式会社ユニタック  [Japan]
  • 静かな海、瀬戸内海をベースに未来を築く開発・設計から製作まで幅広いニーズに応え、迅速な対応と正当、かつ公正な価格で皆様のお役に立つよう日々励んでおります。 小ロットから大量ロットまで、期待を裏切らない開発力とフレキシブルな対応力を備えた当社と、その製品群をぜひお確かめください。 主要製品はレーザー用電源装置、ジェットエンジン計測システム、タッチディスプレイ、成型機コントローラ、美容健康器、医療器。
  • AdValue Photonics Inc.  [USA]
  • Located in Tucson, Arizona, proclaimed as the Optics Valley, AdValue Photonics is focused on being the worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of high quality, innovative, cost-effective fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, fiber based broadband light sources, and optical fiber passive components. We are a value-adding and long-term partner with our customers.
  • Advanced Fiber Resources Ltd.  [China]
  • AFR specializes in high power handling fiber optic and Inline polarizer maintaining devices. Our high power components offer up to 20 W power handling for fiber laser applications. Our polarization maintaining components offer excellent optical performance, high reliability and high extinction ratio which results in the development of high-speed optical leading edge products.
  • Agiltron  [USA]
  • Agiltron Incorporated is a manufacturer of photonic components and systems for the mass market. Agiltron leads the market in all optical switches, variable optical attenuators, high power optical components, optical polarization and time controls, infrared detectors, molded infrared lenses, and Raman spectrometer. These products are protected by over 40 issued or pending US patents.
  • Alfalight, Inc.  [USA]
  • Alfalight designs and manufactures high-power diode lasers for the industrial, defense, and telecommunications markets. Alfalight's innovative technology is based on advanced aluminum-free active region (ALFA) laser structures, enabling the manufacture of laser diodes with exceptionally high reliability and industry-leading efficiency.
  • Alphion Corp.  [USA]
  • Alphion Corporation develops, manufactures and markets FTTx access systems, subsystems and integrated photonic devices.
  • Amonics Ltd.  [China]
  • Amonics provides different types of optical amplifier in professional level, including fiber amplifier and semiconductor amplifier (SOA). For fiber amplifier, Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) is our main product working at C-Band/L-Band/ C+L Band. Specific featured amplifiers such as DWDM EDFA, CATV EDFA can also be found. For SOA, it can cover different operation range for users.
  • Amplitude Systemes  [France]
  • Amplitude Systemes, located near Bordeaux, France, develops and manufactures diode-pumped ultrafast solid-state lasers for scientific and industrial applications.
  • APE Angewandte Physik & Elektronik  [Germany]
  • Develops and manufactures measurement devices and other accessories for ultrafast laser systems. Specializes in ultrafast diagnostics and offers precision, quality and service from autocorrelators to wavelength measurement, from acousto-optics to synchronously-pumped optical parametric oscillators.
  • Aphanov  [France]
  • フランス・ボルドーに拠点を置くレーザー開発クラスターの技術開発センターです。
  • Apollo Instruments, Inc.  [USA]
  • Apollo Instruments, Inc. is a global leader in today's laser diode market. The advanced beam-shaping techniques developed at Apollo Instruments for laser diode arrays can substantially maintain the brightness while increasing power output by beam combination. The laser diode products based on this technology can be used for an array of applications including material processing and medical research. The diode sources are highly suitable for solid-state laser pumping. Kilowatt fiber laser systems have also been demonstrated with Apollo Instruments' laser pump modules.
  • Applied Optoelectronics, Inc.  [USA]
  • Applied Optoelectronics Incorporated (AOI) develops and manufactures advanced optical devices, including laser diodes, photodiodes, related modules and circuitry, and equipment for applications in fiber-to-the-home, cable television, point to point communications, and wireless.
  • Avesta Ltd.  [Russia]
  • Research and development company producing femtosecond laser equipment in the field of ultrafast spectroscopy. Experienced in designing and producing customer-specified femtosecond laser systems and measuring equipment.
  • Axcel Photonics  [USA]
  • Axcel Photonics, Inc. is a semiconductor laser manufacturer specializing in high power diode lasers from 780 to 1064nm. Axcel's product lines include lasers for solid-state laser pumping, medical/dental, telecommunication, imaging, laser display, printing, and spectroscopy applications.
  • BATOP GmbH  [Germany]
  • BATOP GmbH is a privately held company founded in 2003, focused on growth of semiconductor nonlinear optical devices like saturable absorbers (SAM - saturable absorber mirror, SOC - saturable output coupler) for lasers, saturable noise suppressor (SANOS) for improvement of optical signals, and photoconductive antennas (PCA) for THz generation and detection.
    We grow thin film stacks of the materials GaAs/AlAs/InAs on GaAs wafers for optoelectronic devices, make wafer processing, device packaging and testing.
  • Bodor  [China]
  • 2008年に現業態とし(会社設立は2002年)、レーザー加工分野での開発・製造に注力しています。

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